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Ways to Give

Your generous support makes our mission a reality for resilient youth.



Help Create Life-Changing, Scalable Solutions for Resilient Youth Everywhere

Help end youth mental health crisis by delivering powerful programs and personalized care that has the ability to change the trajectory of their life.


Your sponsorship makes wellness access possible for youth in desperate need.

Sponsor a youth in need by covering their wellness cost, providing them access to support services that can enhance their quality of living. 

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Team Up

Soul Seated Journey's Collective of Youth Leaders and Providers

We are a collective of heart-centered youth-centered educators and providers coming together to use our gifts to help youth thrive in life. Let’s amplify your impact— and together, we rise.


Good news that inspires your soul and expand your connections

Receive the latest news, upcoming events, wellness insights, and other communications that opens and elevates.

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