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noun: living life from the seat of the soul by thinking, acting, and moving from a place of love. 
[sohl] [see-tuhd]

Soul Seated

Our Story

Soul Seated Journey is a life advancement wellness organization that helps our young people reveal their best selves.

Being human is a profound experience that poses deep questions about our place, path, and purpose. At Soul Seated Journey, we aggregate, converge, and integrate a well of wellness wisdom and practices designed to help transitional aged youth and emerging adults find their place, navigate their path, and anchor on purpose. Everything is carefully designed and chosen to open hearts, spark curiosity, and inspire growth.


Through expert-led lessons, structured guidance, and loving support, our charity serves as a home base for youth to find hope, inspiration, and courage to embark on their hero's journey. Our mission is to empower our NOW generation to find, connect, and reveal their true, magical selves, and in the process, access a deeper sense of fulfillment and aliveness. The journey is free for our youth --anywhere, anytime. 

Our custom-designed programs are either created in-house or contributed by curated youth-focused educators and community providers. The intention of each program is to uplift, educate, and empower our youth earlier enough in their experience of being human. Whether people or organizations are contributing or consuming, our relay-of-love model signifies the power of a community and reminds us that we are all in this extraordinary experience of life together. 

We’re so glad you’re here, and we hope that as you explore, you take comfort in the common humanity we all share — and that you’ll be inspired to help us in our mission to help youth everywhere reveal their magnificent selves.

I see Soul Seated Journey as a vehicle that empowers young people to sail through life with the power of love as their anchor and wisdom as their guiding light.


About Us

We deliver integrated, multi-modal wellness programs tailored to opportunities and goals across mind-body-spirit. The journey guides our NOW generation to safeguard mental health, foster emotional well-being, and accelerate their potential.

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Our Founder

About Founder & Executive Director

Hello, beautiful souls! I’m Tiffany Liu — youth advocate, wellness champion, and founder of Soul Seated Journey, Inc. In my former life, I was also an exited ed-tech founder, Gates grant recipient, and Fortune 50 executive. Most of my adult existence was spent chasing external, ego-driven accomplishments and material success with no real fulfillment upon arrival. So, when a near-death accident shook me to my core in 2018, I finally went inward and discovered my life’s purpose: to transform the world from the inside out. It’s a lofty mission, but one I hold sacred and know in my bones is absolutely possible. How? One kid at a time.

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