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We are leveling the playing field when it comes to access. We think everyone should have the knowledge, wisdom, and guidance of a Super Soul Sunday dream team by their side in life.

Help Your Kids and Students Succeed

A new generation of researchers, neuroscientists, psychologists, economists, and educators have discovered new insights that mindsets are the core determinants of success. Just as important as academic skills are qualities like optimism, perseverance, and inner wellbeing.


For youth growing up in adverse environments, these deeper psychological needs; the need to feel connected, to feel capable, to feel competent are even greater to change the way they conceive of themselves and their purpose in school. Let’s help our resilient youth persevere by improving their environment starting with the one within.

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For Schools and Agencies

Let us help you connect with the wellness community and create efficiencies across your demand and delivery motions. Our team and technology platform enable us to help you design and execute character-based wellbeing education and wellness services for your kids. While the market is oversaturated with one-stop applications and disparate solutions, making it difficult and confusing to navigate - Soul Seated Journey eliminates the complexity and allows you to focus on the children and not the complexities of everything else.

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Bringing the best of human-centered design and educational psychology, we help you assess and reimagine a school environment that creates the highest impact on how your students behave:  how they persevere, apply themselves, and recover from setbacks .  

Impact Design Studio

Teenage Students Raising

Custom Programming

Focus on your core. Leave the touchy-feely to us. We work with you- your teachers, staff, and counselors- to develop character-based programs and supporting wellness services that focus on igniting motivation and developing growth mindsets. Whether it is a core curriculum or after-school program, we can help.  

Partner with us

Soul Seated Journey differs from the rest because we overlay the entire whole-health journey and orchestrate youth cohort through the wellbeing and wellness services to make them whole. 

Outcome-Based Programs

Soul Seated Journey’s solution is designed to supplement and enhance support school counselors and staff deliver. We identify the underlying blockers quickly and then provide a tailored plan of action for the youth cohort that leads to real behavioral change. Rather than symptom-driven solutions, we focus on healing the root cause, creating momentum, and achieving outcomes.

Youth-Centered Care

Each student's learning is both supported and self-guided, meaning that support is there when your students need it and not when they don’t. Wellbeing programs are purposefully designed to complement school curriculum, work within the confines of busy modern life, and maximize results as quickly as possible.

Tech-Enabled Platform & Application

Instead of being backed into a bucketed approach, every youth gets their own roadmap, making the experience feel completely personalized. Learning occurs incrementally and as progress is monitored and assessed, Journey Guides works with staff, counselors and youth to adjust course and improve success outcomes.


Every youth who participates in the program has the opportunity to connect with peers for added motivation, support, and camaraderie. They also have access to on-demand guidance from their dedicated team of experts. 

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Educators and Providers:
Let's team up to scale your impact.

Are you a heart-centered youth wellbeing educator, wellness practitioner, or organization that is elevating our next generation?


Are you doing amazing things and would like to extend a broader reach— into the lives of young people facing greater adversities?  


Let’s team up to scale our collective impact. Together we rise.   

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Your hope is our mission. We'd love to hear from you. 

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