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San Francisco New Ingenuity Young Warriors Summer Camp

Tzu Chi San Francisco volunteers have been working hard in the Bayview Hunter's Point school district for a long time. Summer camps are held every year, so that students in the community, mostly from African and Mexican labor families, have a place to go during the summer and have the opportunity to continue learning. Volunteers have been operating in the community for 12 years, and most of the students are now high school or college students. Therefore, in the summer camp of 2021, volunteers will adapt to changes in the environment and students, and ingeniously change the content.

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Published by Tzu Chi America

As the children grow up, the summer camp will grow up with them. The protagonists of the 2021 summer camp are a group of "Youth Warriors."

Volunteer Huang Shuyun said that the activities of Tzu Chi Summer Camp are centered on "Thanksgiving, Respect, and Love". This is a consistent spirit. However, the 2021 summer camp will raise the age of students to the middle school and university level of 13-22 years old. The content uses questions such as "Who You are?" and "What You Want To Do?" to let older children understand how to manage themselves in order to become what they want to be Own. Huang Shuyun said: "Learn to manage yourself well, cooperate with others, understand the needs of the outside environment, and find a job in the community with the skills you have learned, and then serve the community." more


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