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Together Their Hope is Our Hope

Photo Caption: Hope Jar Intentions – Youth Warrior Program 2021

When we completed the Youth Warrior beta program last summer, we hoped a well-rounded, multi-week, diverse program would make a difference on the kids. And while we hoped to make an impact on the kids and the community, each person who participated over the eight weeks had their own hopes. Personal hopes. Powerful hopes. Life-changing hopes. Their raw, hand-written, and emotional hopes are the real reason we launched Soul Seated Journey.

  • My hope, “Let go of regrets and self-doubt. Gain confidence.”

  • My hope, “I want to let go of my anxiety of failure.”

  • My hope, “Let go of my frustration and depression. I’m hoping to gain self-confidence.”

We were blessed to sit down with youth who participated in our beta launch last summer. We listened to the reality of how the eight-week Youth Warrior program answered their hopes over the past five months.

The good news – our hopes and their hopes are becoming a reality. They improved their confidence and money management; they’re eating better, managing stress, exercising, doing yoga, journaling, cooking, and enhancing their relationship with the people in their lives. They’re using the tools they learned and making a positive change.

And while they are doing better, they’d appreciate more. They’d love more guidance on managing money, building trust, cooking, relationships, stress, and navigating their life journey.

Their hope and desire for continued growth are what motivate us. We have proof the program works, and we are more determined than ever to help 1 million kids. Thank you for joining us on the journey.


Fundraising Update

Thank you to everyone who donated during our year-end push. Every dollar you donate helps us get closer to expanding this year’s programs and building the technology platform to orchestrate services, reach more providers, pull more kids into the program, and provide ongoing resources to help our children during and after each program. We are actively researching grants and other funding sources to support the immediate program needs and long-term structure to achieve our vision of reaching 1 million kids. We are fortunate to live in the Bay Area, where we have so many companies and foundations committed to supporting organizations focused on our youth.


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1 Comment

Ricardo Tejada
Ricardo Tejada
Mar 04, 2022

Love it, keep up the amazing work!

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