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"America is Facing a Teen Suicide Pandemic"

Psychology Today

An Epidemic of Unwellness
with Inequitable Solutions 

Last December, the U.S Surgeon General declared a national emergency in youth mental health. Inequities resulting from structural racism contributed to disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on youth from communities of color. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death in young adults.  And among minority youth, the attempts increase by 73%.


With positive well-being not taught in school and support services not readily available or equitable, many young people— especially those growing up in poverty or hard-to-reach communities— are grappling with depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, loneliness, and suicidality that will have lasting impacts on them, their families, their communities, and all of our futures.

Sobering Statistics

Curious Adolescent


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21% of teens ages 13-18 experience a severe mental health condition. 

Young adults ages 18-24 reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder during the pandemic.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young Amercians from ages 15 to 24.

Among black youth, suicide attempts increased by 73%.


We're bringing programs and delivering care to where you learn and live - at school and at home.

You'll learn broad skills beyond your academic lessons with a humanity-based and wellness-focused curriculum that equips you with curiosity,  confidence, courage, mindfulness, and other hidden powers of character. 

We'll connect you with a boots-on-the-ground team of licensed services professionals that provide on-demand care and support. 


We've built a data-driven evaluation and measurement system that illustrates a person’s mindset and quickly identifies deeper root causes of mental, emotional, physical, nutritional, spiritual, cognitive, environmental and behavioral issues.


By unlocking the true source of a seekers’ blocks, we can provide targeted solutions that foster sustained life improvements.

Comprehensive Solution

We're giving your youth a one-stop integrative platform of practices, services, and solutions from a pre-vetted community of holistic wellness professionals - all focused on their journey.

Guided Roadmap

Your youth will work with a Journey Advocate and dedicated in-house team to outline a plan for achieving their unique spiritual goals. They'll have access to mobile technology that enables step-by-step guidance for accountability, tracking and intervention.


Through our core direct-to-learners app, we enable a low barrier to entry for our youth and enables us to support thousands of youth on their life journey for free. We also offer additional paid support for families who are looking for additional vetted support.

Humanity First

Eat good, feel good, and do good. From movement and cooking classes to interactive games and fun workshops, you will learn how to self-care and bethe authority of your life.

Self-Identity, Expression & Confidence

Step out of the shadow and into the power of your true self. Explore identity through art-making, learn how to make better decisions, stand in confidence,
and develop the seven-character points of success.

Clarity, Awareness & Mindfulness

See and navigate the world around you with clarity, free of doubts. Learn mindfulness and restorative practices that empower you with skills of presence, attention, and neutrality.

Calmness, Happiness & Connection

Identify mental chatter, defuse anxietyand approach problems with power. Learn how to reverse disappointments, worry less about what others think, andthe journey to happiness.

Self-Mastery of Mind, Body, Spirit

Eat good, feel good, and do good. From movement and cooking classes to interactive games and fun workshops, you will learn how to self-care and bethe authority of your life.


"I don't know what to do."

Get your personalized roadmap.
Your initial assessment will provide a clear picture of your current state and ideal starting point. From there, your Journey Advocate and dedicated care team will outline a specific plan for achieving your unique life goals.

Empowering Youths to Reveal Their Best Self

Orchestrating leading educators, community providers, and wellness leaders to collectively deliver integrated programs focused on the whole human.

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at

There is a part within all of us that wants to find our purpose, develop meaningful connections, and realize our talents and potentialities.  And this journey— to our highest becoming— begins as an inward one where we connect with our best selves and become that in our daily lives. Psychologists refer to this as the authentic self. Some of us call it a true self or higher self.  However, you define it – we think it's about time we make the most of it.

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